Unifying, global symbols

Besides local projects and the sound knowledge transfer, the youth around the world have identified strong symbols to portray their unity.

Youth carry the “green thread”, everywhere in the globe. E.g. at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio +20) it was handed over to the German Federal Environment Minister Altmaier (now off duty). To this day a glass cube containing our “green thread ” is proudly placed on his desk.

At the UN Climate Conference in Doha the “Tree of Hope” was born. The foliage of the tree has become greener and denser as people from all over the world wrote their wishes, messages, demands and fears on its green leaves. They were pinned to the tree trunk that was created by waste collected in Doha. With the “Tree of Hope” at the Doha bazaar, the site became a place of dialogue, intensive exchange of thoughts and the hope for a better future and an intercultural meeting point.

The “Green Thread”

As young people from all over the world we want to create a global identity. This should be something that our policy-makers can take with them into the negotiations where we, as youth, do not have access.

During a lunch break at a workshop we had an inspiring idea: the green thread. The image is simple, but conveys a powerful message! The green colour represents hope – for a better future and a paradigm shift; green is also the colour of nature. Indian rainforest tribes do not have a term for green per se; they have a word for every shade of green! Accordingly, it does not matter which shade of green the thread is. Every difference only symbolises the diversity of our world and why we should protect it.

The “Green Thread” …

  • reminds us that climate change and environmental protection must be a priority for the society, politics and economy on a daily basis.
  • calls for us to turn the traffic lights green and let youth get involved in changing the society.
  • urges us to recognise the ‘fragile’ state of the thread on which the Earth hangs.
  • guides us and orientates us to act responsibly today for our own sake as well as for future generations.
  • calls us to work together to confront on global challenges. Especially the thread’s knot is a symbol for the intense cohesion and diversity.
  • empowers us to jointly fulfil our role as change ambassadors and actors of sustainable development.
  • Connects us and invites you to be part of our movement and to become active!

…weaves its way through all the world!

The Tree of Hope

Aided by artists, young people from all over the world made a big tree from discarded [building materials, flotsam and other] waste. The tree is a confronting image of our self-destructive lifestyles; a reminder of nature’s bid for survival. Seemingly, useless and carelessly disregarded objects are being upcycled as they can be found in the tree.

Through the efforts of young people from around the world, the “Tree of Hope” has taken root in many places – Berlin (Germany), Doha (Qatar), Izhevsk/Udmurtiya (Russia), Cairo (Egypt), Kathmandu (Nepal), Lima (Peru), New Delhi (India), Osnabrück (Germany), Pristina (Kosovo), Trento (Italy), Wellington (New Zealand) and Wuhan (China).

Its foliage blooms with messages, wishes, demands and ideas written on its leaves. This is its plea to society,

Let’s rethink! Let’s act responsibly for all mankind, together!”.

The tree turns public places into sites of dialogue initiated by the youth and invites everyone to exchange ideas regardless of their age.

When in full bloom, the powerful image of accumulated ideas, demands and concerns from across the globe are directed at all stakeholders influencing processes and actions affecting the environment and our societies.

The youth, with the support of the tree, prepare the ground-work to network and be active. Their appeal is aimed at decision-makers: “Listen to us and take us seriously! We want to be involved in shaping our future!”

Call to action

Be part of the “Tree of Hope” and contribute with your statement for a global, sustainable future.

Play your part and help sowing the “Tree of Hope”!