TrashArt – Italy


Education, Art, Separation of rubbish, Environmental awareness

Silvia (please view contact details in the group desciption)

Project Description
I started this new big project thanks to Comune di Roncegno, because they offered me a space for an article about Youthinkgreen on the local newspaper. The Cultural Assessor, Giuliana Gilli, contacted me and I explained her my ideas about TrashArt. She has contacts with the MART (Museum) and we thought that they could help us. We proposed our project to a competition offered by the Province of Trento. We won financing and we started searching for the partners. My job in the project now is to organize the action for the World Environmental Day (activities for children) and in autumn I will give lessons to the children about separate collection of rubbish. The project is divided into 4 steps:

  1. World Environmental Day: Opening event. We organised a flashmob, build the Tree of Hope, distributed the Green Thread to the public and made a treasure hunt with garbage for the children and a quiz about the seperation of rubbish.
  2. Environmental lessons (2/3 hours) held by youthinkgreen’ers, mainly about the separate collection of rubbish.
  3. MART lessons (7/8 hours) held by expert from MART, mainly about artists who use garbage for their artworks. During this phase, the children will be able to create their own artworks.
  4. Exposition of all artworks created by the children during the labs.

Have a look at the World Environment Day Action in Trento which also was our opening event.

More environmental awareness among children
Discover the possibility of using garbage constructively
Children MUST know how to do the separate collection

Implementation Period
It will start on 5th June 2014 and it will (probably) end 5th June 2015

Partners and Supporters
Experts from MART and APPA
Financial Support: Province of Trento, Comune di Roncegno, Comune di Telve, Comune di Castelnuovo, Comune di Novaledo

Our offer
Fun for children
Environmental Awareness

Our needs
People who help us in the organization of the events
People who can write about us and spread our ideas and actions