Ten Tips for a Sustainable Lifestyle – New Zealand


“Go two days a week without using your car. Carpooling, taking public transport, walking, biking and even skatebording will help reduce you overall fuel consumption.”


Project Description
Our “Ten Tips for a Sustainable Lifestyle” aim to show easy, viable ways of making our daily lives more sustainable, because we believe that many small acts can make a big difference together. We’ve made small cards that each have an environmentally friendly tip, such as “Visit an op-shop or organise a clothes swap with friends”. We post these tips regularly on our Facebook page and also hand them out at our events as business cards.

We encourage people to try out these tips throughout the week, and then comment via Facebook on their personal reflections for each tip, such as:

  • How we implemented the tip
  • highlights experienced and difficulties encountered
  • whether our habits have changed towards becoming more sustainable

TenTips3 Timeframe
At the end of 2013 and early 2014 we began releasing our first set of Ten Tips at events and on our Facebook Page. This project will be ongoing, as we plan to develop new sets of Ten Tips on a regular basis.

Partners and Supporters
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Our offer
With this initiative we offer everyday sustainable living ideas, and an interactive and social way for interested individuals to engage in sustainable living ideas. This not only helps to raise awareness and change attitudes towards the feasibility of sustainable living, but also allows for collaboration through shared experiences and results.

Our needs
In order for our Ten Tips project to be successful, we need more people to be involved in trying out our tips and sharing their experiences.

Nora Guzu
Email: youthinkgreenNZ[at]gmail.com