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Take me! – A sustainable shopping guide for Osnabrück

sustainable consumption

We wanted to develop a guide, that presented in a simple and attractive way, ho wand where to buy sustainable in Osnabrück. Consumption is a key point when it comes to the question how to live sustainable, and there are possibilities for sustainable consumption yet. This is what we wanted to demonstrate our citizens and thus change and strengthen a thoughtful manner in shopping. It was important to us not to do that with a waving finger but to lower the barst o consume sustainable by giving structured, simple and personal tips.

Our first step towards the Guide was to structure and limit the dimensions of the Guide: Which areas of consumption do we include? How can we structure the information? What is important to us? Who do we want to address?

After having been clear on this, and deciding to work on the columns Food, Gastronomy, Clothing and Cosmetics, we started researching. Therefore we developed criteria in order to select suitable shops. Furthermore, we dealt with Labels and Certificates i.e. Fairtrade.

As we’ve been prepared well now, we went out on the street and into the shops. We interviewed the managers and checked, how serious they’d really take sustainable issues. Every team member was responsible for one of the columns.

Additionally we had to deal with editorial questions. We made Matthias Groote (MdEP) writing a greeting to our readers, designed a city map with all of our “good examples” signed on it and gave tips for an eco-friendly mobility and at last created an introduction to clarify the question: “Why is sustainable consumption necessary after all?”

Fortunately, we had the local printing company “Steinbacher” with us for layout and a professional print. Mister Steinbach himself was a great contribution to the project as he helped us with any questions and supported us strongly with his experiences. Deciding on fa title has been a real difficulty, so we were so glad to finally chose a great one: „Nimm mich!” (Take me!) fits perfectly!

Finally, we had to find ways of funding and work on a strategy to promote and spread the guide. We decided to present it for the first time in June 2013 in the context of the local Sustainabilty Day. It was a great success and we went on handing it out in the city.

Shoppingguide OsnabrückClick here to see the online gallery of our shoppingguide!

November 2012 – June 2013: Development and publication of the printing product (completed)
Since June 2013: Development of an Online-Version/App (currently abeyant)

Partner and Supporter
Printing and Layot – in order to make our guide visually attractive, we worked with the printing company „Steinbacher“. Furthermore Mister Steinbacher was a great avdviser and provided valuable hints for the implementation of the guide. During the whole time he stood by our side and shared his experience with us. Thank you a lot!
Financial – Several local companies as well as the city of Osnabrück supported us financially so that we finally had a balanced budget.

What we can offer
With pleasure we share our experiences with you and especially with those who wnat to establish a sustainable shopping guide at their place. Please contact us!

What we need
We would really enjoy some fellows who can bring forward the online-version of the guide and contribute with technical knowledge.

Judith Gebbe (please message me via Facebook-page of youthinkgreen – Osnabrück)