Swap! – Osnabrück


Cultures of Consumption, Cloth-Swapping

This is neither a flea market nor a company. It is a party.  A party? – Yes, exactly!
In fact it’s not a normal party but one that distracts your consumption pattern and gives a fair, eco-friendly and money-saving possibility to swap new clothes. Every girl of us has some stuff in her wardrobe she doesn’t wear. Too small, too colourful, mispurchase or bought in frustration or in seeming blindness – some things just don’t take you fancy anymore even if they are in a TOP condition. And slowly it becomes…a wardrobe full of nothing to wear.
But girls!! For this clothes not only a huge amount of resources were wasted but your money as well. This is why TauschRausch exists and brings together all the girls (and hopefully boys in future) who know this problem well. You bring what you don’t need and take what you like to be yours.

Ok, how does it work?
Two or three times a year the TauschRausch-Team organises a place, paints ads, decorates everything nicely for a suitable atmosphere and makes up some special. You come, hand over your clothes to us and get stamps in return. We drape all the clothes while you relax with a coffee and some nice self-made cinnamon rolls or whatever we have prepared to make you feel comfortable. If our “swap-shop” opens, you  look for clothes, try them on or just keep eating cinnamon rolls ;) All we want is a wonderful TauschRausch and every girl to find her next favourite dress or short.

We had the idea in Summer 2012 while we read an article about Swapping-Parties in Berlin and thought – hey, why don’t we do this in Osnabrück? So we’d begun planning and delivered our first TauschRausch November 2012. Since then every six month we made one and it’s doing well! So we don’t plan to stop for the next years.

Partner and Supporter
We don’t have concrete patrons but luckily most youth and cultural initiatives in Osnabrück are kind to not make us pay for locations and even help us promoting. A wonderful support is made by our families, friends and youthinkgreeners, backing cakes and lending hands wherever needed.

What we can offer
We would really be excited if other groups or girls covered the TauschRausch in their place. We guarantee it is fun and sure would be on hand with help and advice! Please contact via Facebook. At the moment we work out a concept which should enable motivated girls to easily adapt the TauschRausch as well as we could think of new Teams using our “brand” (Logo etc.). Just contact us!

What we need
Helping hands are welcome any time, especially at the days before the event. We aim for not needing financial support or fees – therefore we need a wide network of non-financial support like helping in baking, advertising, arranging and finding locations etc. In addition we want to extend our organising team in Osnabrück. So if you can imagine being involved in TauschRausch – whether it’s Osnabrück or somewhere else – please contact us via Facebook. There are little as well as big tasks to be done and every muffin counts! :D

Anne-Sophie Risse, Lena-Marie Risse, Isabelle Tisson
Team Osnabrück/ Germany

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