Radio Broadcast – Osnabrück

(The German word for vagabond, literally meaning “painter of the landscape”: We’re painting it all green!)

Regular radio program dealing with different issues related to climate change and environment, i.e. mobility, sustainable lifestyles or consumption.

Our radio program is meant to reach local people through radio and inform them about climate change.
We are conducting interviews and report on different topics – surely we play some good music between our contributions. Our “climate-fox” gives definitions to terms and so functions as our lexicon. The grouchy cow blows off her steam critically about what she thinks goes wrong at the moment.

Target Group
We want to reach as much people as possible but especially youth. As the radio station is a local one, we focus on the citizens of Osnabrück and its surroundings.

We started our project in early in 2013 and delivered a program every two month. Unfortunately, the five of us are now busy with final exams and will head off afterwards, so this project is closed.

Partner and Supporter
Thanks to our local radio station osradio104.8 we could regularly deliver our program. They helped us a lot.

What we can offer
Please contact us if you need any advice how to do your own radio program. We can lend a hand and share our knowledge with you.

Laura Steven: laura.steven19[at]