Education for a sustainable future – Osnabrück

Environmental Education at Primary Schools

Education for a sustainable development: emissions, waste and recycling, climate change, renewable energies, healthy and eco-friendly food and virtual water

We, Team Osnabrück, wanted to actively engage in the area of environmental education. As we struggled to „teach“ youths our age, we decided to go for elementary students and start environmental (school) education as early as possible.
By now we organised project-days as well as whole project weeks. The lesson concepts and curriculum we developed and held ourselves.
We especially focused on connecting the issues with the experience realm of elementary students in order to explain complex contents understandable. Wir haben besonders darauf geachtet, die Themen mit der Lebenswelt der Schüler zu verknüpfen um komplexe Inhalte verständlich zu machen. So we made our lessons interactive, i.e. through experiments.

We wanted to act sustainable in two ways. Our project days shouldn’t only cause a change at the certain school we visit but we want to ensure our concept will be continuously improved and spread. In addition, we set an example delivering the lessons and so i.e. chose sustainable materials.

Our concept will contain of single, combinable modules. So interested teachers or initiatives can adapt their project to their circumstances (time, resources, topics). So a one-hour excurse is as thinkable as a whole project week.

Target Group
Students in 3rd and 4th grade (aged 8 to 10)

We want our concept to be used at other primary schools without a direct involvement of ours. We wish that every student at least once in their time in school have access to envrironmental ecucation, better as early and regularly as possible.


  • July 2012: first project-week at a primary school in Osnabrück
  • Schoolyear 2012/2013: follow-up by a weekly project-group
  • Summer 2013: Begin of a cooperation with students of the university of Osnabrück, working on the concept
  • Summer 2013: two project-days in primary schools of Osnabrück
  • November 2013: another project-day in a primary school in Osnabrück; pre-test of the student’s concept

Project team „Environmental Education“ does not deliver project-days at the moment. But it is our aim to work out more modules and to put them together in a concept. This should be published and spread to as many german primary schools as possible.

Partner and Supporter
Four students of the University of Osnabrück developed a module about healthy and eco-friendly food for our concept. Their professor was Prof. Dr. Dorothee Straka.
“Stadtwerke Osnabrück” (local infrastructure provider) and the company Mölk supported us financial and with non-cash benefits.

With pleasure we provide you our concept and our experiences in the area of environmental education at primary schools.

We need persons, who:

  • develop modules
  • organise own project days
  • combine the modules to a concept
  • improve our concept with pedagogic knowhow

Ansprechpartnerin & Kontaktdetails
Anke Britta Schmidt