“Pedaling to plead for a green city” – Team Nepal

Cycle Rally on the occasion of World Environment Day 2014

The program is targeted at young people for their active participation and concern related to environmental conservation. On the contrary, the general public face the problem of timely traffic jams caused due to increasing number of vehicles. Increasing air pollution and over population adversely results to lack of greenery or environmental degradation.
To make the city greener and its inhabitants healthier must be considered in the context of what it means to be a cyclist in Kathmandu. Nepal’s air quality currently ranks 177th out of 178 countries on Yale University’s Environmental Performance Index, according to an article on Guardian article.

youthinkgreen-Nepal wants to address this problem. We had conducted a small survey among the local youths about their preference for riding cycle over other vehicles. The survey was conducted among 300 youths. About 85% among those youths were positive about riding cycle. Most of them are environment conscious while some of them think riding cycle is cool or fancy. They were aware about the increasing trend of air pollution and were conscious about the environment and hence positive about riding cycle.
Therefore, youthinkgreen-Nepal is going to conduct a cycle rally to make the people aware about the rising environmental issues like air pollution in our city. With this event, ‘We’ hope to bring a small yet sustainable change within the participating youths.


  • To increase the use of cycle among young generation.
  • To make targeted individual conscious about the environmental issue.
  • To reduce environmental pollution produced through vehicles using petroleum fuels.
  • To create awareness of environment conservation for general public.


  • To decrease the amount of carbon monoxide release due to the heavy use of vehicles in cities by promoting cycling.
  • To reach out 200 youths directly and 10,000 general public indirectly, make them concerned about the contemporary environmental issue and enable them to act accordingly.


  • To mobilize youths of Kathmandu Valley to use cycle instead of other vehicles using petroleum products.
  • To make aware about the importance of environment.