No plastic-bags in Osnabrück – Osnabrück

“Plastic-free” Osnabrück

What we aim for
We want to make Osnabrück a city free of plastic bags. That means: There should be no more new plastic bags sold or handed out. Old ones should be used longer and more effective or recycled into durable bags, into clothes or art/sculptures. We demand the usage of cotton-bags, baskets, backpacks, paper-bags or – but transitorily – old plastic bags. We want Osnabrück to be free of plastic bags until the end of 2017. The city could step into a leading role of sustainable approach in Germany.

Why we aim for this
Plastic-bags are harmful to our environment as well as our health as most products made of plastic contain plasticizers. Plastic-waste doesn’t decay but corrodes into very tiny pieces. This “microplastics” find their way into rivers and oceans and wanders up in the food chain until it ends on our plates and in our bodies. By now, plastic-bags form – together with a lot of other plastic waste – huge patches on the oceans, an impressive example is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Thousands of animals die in these patches.
Regarding various alternatives, the production and usage of plastic-bags is just not necessary.

Partner and Supporter
The patron of this project is the major of Osnabrück, Wolfgang Griesert. Our supporters are “Klimaallianz Osnabrück”, “Lokale Agenda Osnabrück”, terre des hommes and the faculty “textile crafts” of the University of Osnabrück.

We are at the very beginning with this project. We have big plans and will report about our progress soon.

Dr. Tobias Romberg, sekretariat[at]