green|bro – Serbia

green|bro – This title has no deeper meaning. It was choosen because it’s good to remember.

Pollution of the environment (mobility, consumption) and arts

In October 2013 we published our first video on Youtube and on the Homepage of our school. The idea to the video came to our minds in June, as the 1st World Youth Sustainability Summit left us with so many inspiration.
The biggest problem was to fund the production. Luckily, our parents and our school helped us out. By the beginning of September we could start shooting and presented our result. Click on the picture below to have a look.


After the success we had with the video we made a first project day with primary students of the German School in Belgrad. We had an interesting and open dialog about water consumption with the pupils. They were very curious and bubbled over with ideas. In April 2014, we delivered a second workshop as part of the open day on waste pollution.

At the moment we are working on a photo exhibition. We want to present the photos on our own website (which will be our next project). Primary students will be included by drawing their associations to the photos.

By collaborating with the primary classes we want to lay the foundation for a future engagement in environmental protection at our school. The pupils shoulb be sensitive about nature and understand environmental problems that exist. As winning the “older” generation is quite a challenge our hope is that children as members of the “future generation” are more open to this topic.

In addition, we want to present the topic of environment differently. So what do we mean? We want to combine it with arts. Therefore we’ve chosen to make videos and photos, since we are believing pictures can send strong messages and address many people. Außerdem wollen wir Umweltschutz  „anders“ präsentieren. Was heißt aber „anders“?

The project started in June 2013 and will last until 2015 (then we leave school). We hope it will be carried on by the primary students we collaborated with.

Partners and Supporter
We get financial help from the German School Belgrad and the parents.

What we can offerWe want to share our Photos with you via our own website (coming soon) and social media (facebook, Flickr, etc.)

What we need
We are looking forward for new partnerships with other schools and NGOs!