DIY: The Green Thread gets an update!

For my first project, I wanted to make my own version on the Youthinkgreen symbol: the green thread. This is a really interesting way to show what you believe in, and a great personalized gift for everyone.


If you are new to youthinkgreen, you might wonder what a green thread is?
Well, it is a symbol worn by people not only aware of climate change but willing to make a personal move towards sustainability. It reminds us to make green choices in our everyday life (and there are many). So what better way to start my DIY page than with this fun version of such a simple, and yet important piece? :)

Turning it into a green friendship bracelet, you literally show that you are a friend to nature. Try different patterns and give the bracelets to the people in your school, neighborhood or town.
This is a very inexpensive project and some threads made of wool or cotton you’ll find in every part of the world I guess. :)

So, let us begin!
You will need lots of thread in different shades of green color. You will also need some scotch tape and a pair of scissors. For my first bracelet, I decided to go with three shades of green.


First, I have cut two strands of each color (80 cm long) – six threads in total.

Second, I tied them together, leaving about 10 cm of thread free above the knot. I taped the knotted piece to my desk, so it is easier for me to braid the strands (see the first photo on the collage below).

Now it’s getting a bit more complicated. Instead of writing you the directions and confusing you, I thought it would be easier for you to watch the braiding technique on video. So click HERE to see a great tutorial.

Here we go. Braid, braid, braid…It takes some time, but the more you braid, the faster (and better) you become.

PHOTO NUMBER 3After you have reached the desired length, stop braiding and tie a knot, but also make sure to leave about 10 cm of extra thread below it!
Easier than fixing with a button (as shown in the tutorial) is to braid the ends into a regular three-strand-braid. Once again, secure those braids with a little knot.

Don’t worry if it seems hard at first, and if your bracelet doesn’t look perfect – it only takes practice. ;) Tip: The more threads you use, the broader gets your bracelet.


Use your imagination! PHOTO NUMBER 4Do you have a project related to water? Tie a blue one with Greek waves. For nearly every pattern there is a tutorial on YouTube. My next bracelet will be one with hearts…just because it’s so cute…

So, that was it, my first DIY blog entry. Make sure you leave me a comment if you like this idea, or have any other ideas on what should be my next project.

If you decide to make green bracelets, send us a picture of your work on our Youthinkgreen Facebook page  – we love it when you are active!

Have fun being crafty,