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Green Planet Festival

Education, music event, sustainable lifestyle

On 19th of July 2014 the Green Planet Festival will take place fort the first time in Osnabrück. We plan to make it an eco-friendly and (as much as possible) CO2- neutral Open-Air concert, which promotes sustainable living creatively.

First of all the festival is meant to attract young people – also those who haven’t been caring about climate change that much before. By systematically aligning the festival ecological we want to demonstrate, that even bigger events can be hosted climate-neutral. We want to reveal possibilities to the audience and raise their awareness, how to act sustainable in their all-day life without a loss of fun and celebrating.

Our program
We searched for local Bands who would play for free and give them the chance to win our “Green Planet Award”. We wished that the bands playing on our festival to have songs dealing with climate change, environmental protection or sustainability.

The applications exceeded our expectations totally. About 60 bands from all over Germany, Austria and the Netherlands wanted to be a part of the festival. We decided for this line-up:
One Page
Good Morning Fire Eater
The Working Class Bastards

As side effents short speeches will be delivered and little movies will be shown. In addition, we provide space for local environmental groups to present theirselves.

Our aim is to make this festival as climate neutral as possible and inspire them how to design their lives more sustainably. Therefore, we…
…will promote coming to the event by walking, cycling or taking busses
UPDATE! Our local infrastructure provider (Stadtwerke Osnabrück) contributes by making
every ticket for our festival a bus ticket to the festival location! Thanks!
…will minimize our energy consumption
…will only offer food and drinks from local producers – if possible fair traded and organic
…will reduce waste by using reusable dishes and by separating waste strictly
…will make our advertisement eco-friendly by choosing recycled paper and organic colours, focusing on the internet and social networks and our website has a green host

Emissions we cannot avoid will be compensated afterwards by paying for Climate Protection projects. Therefore, after the festival we will calculate the emissions realistically and convert it into the amount of money that is needed to compensate the emissions.

The Green Planet Festival will take place at 19th Juli 2014 // 6-11 p.m.
Planning and organising the festival took us about one year.

Partner and Supporter
We had many little, regional sponsors. Especially we want to mention the Local Agenda 21 and the department for urban development of Osnabrück. Thanks to our supporters, the budget of our Green Planet Festival is now balanced.

What we can offer
We offer local environmental groups to present theirselves at the Green Planet Festival. Please contact Jonas for this.

What we need
Thanks to our supporters we don’t need any financial aids at the moment. But we are looking forward to anyone who is willing to lend a hand the days before the festival and at the festival. If you have some time and want to help us, please contact Jonas!

Jonas Langen
Mail: www.greenplanetfestival[at]web.de
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