Energy from waste – Egypt

Energy from waste

Renewable Energy

Project Description
It has been witnessed worldwide that energy  and pollution are big problems  faced by both developed and developing countries. Billions of tons of wastes are badly managed causing a harmful effect on environment and also health. Our bioenergy project offers a great solution to both mentioned problems. Extracting methane and fertilizers from trash offers us a renewable energy resource, increase fertilizers quality and quantity and help decrease the pollution as well.

Objectives and planned Milestones
Design and construct a simple waste digester
Training in the field of bioenergy
Develop biogas digester on medium and large scales
Implementing biogas project in urban areas

Implementation Period
Bioenergy project is an ongoing project since November 2013 with several stages of development and mentoring.

Partners and Supporters
Cairo University

Your needs
YTG – Egypt would love your support:

Financial Support – by funding projects, events and campaigns
Academic Support – by assisting or mentoring for our project also joining us to those who can help
Media Coverage – Spread the world about us whether in a TV, Radio, Social media or magazines by hosting any of our delegates.
Participate – join our group and be one of the youthinkgreeners worldwide

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