Eco-Art Sculptures – New Zealand

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Sustainability Area – Education

Project Description
At the end of 2013 we developed a new Visual Arts unit for junior students at Wellington Girls’ College, called ‘Thinking Forward: Eco-Art Sculptures’. The students were introduced to the concept of sustainability and the importance of sustainable ways of living. They then created a sculpture from recycled materials that expressed their sustainable message within one of the areas of sustainability. Our ‘Thinking Forward’ project was really successful. By the end, everyone discovered that through the powerful messages of their sculptures, they could make people realise the need for a sustainable change.

The unit was first presented towards the end of 2013, with students completing their research and sculptures within a 5-6 weeks timeframe. Because of the success of this teaching and learning unit, we plan to continue this project in 2014, too.

Partners and Supporters
Wellington Girls’ College Art Department

Our offer
This initiative offers the chance to engage in interdisciplinary learning and teaching between Visual Arts and sustainability. It is designed by students, for students, and with students to encourage a deeper understanding of sustainable living and engagement. It also provides students with the opportunity to extend their artistic skills by gaining confidence in using a wider variety of media and sculpture-making techniques.

Our needs
For our project to continue its success, we need continued support from staff and departments at our school in the new year. The next step is also to encourage other teams and schools to implement similar, sustainability-oriented topics within various subjects, to illustrate how far-reaching and relevant sustainability is to our lives.

Contact Person: Nora Guzu
Email: youthinkgreenNZ[at]