Vegetable Garden – Spain



Education for sustainable development, agriculture

The organic garden was my CAS project. The CAS project is a core component of the International Baccalaureate and has to include the areas of Creativity, Action and Service.

The basic idea was to lay out an organic vegetable garden at Kindergarten and involve children in caring and harvesting. The crops are given to a community kitchen. This design is meant to reflect and draw attention to several facts, especially for the children:


–       The advantages of ecological food production, i.e. less usage of insecticides
and Herbizides which are harmful to nature and health
–       The awareness and acceptance of “nature’s rhythm” by going with the seasons.
–       The carbon footprint of our nutrition, by giving a good example and grow locally.
–       Children can discover Teamwork as working in the garden requires this.
–       Awareness of social inequalities in their own society.


In addition, the pupils are very proud to contribute their crops to the community kitchen!


Target group

Pupils from Kindergarten

I implemented the project in the school-year 2012/13.

What I’ve learned

I now understand the importance of making children aware of their responsibility to care for environment, since they will have to make most relevant decisions in the future. By doing something simple as growing a few vegetables in a sustainable way I can help our planet. If only everybody made a small contribution, this world would be a better place for future generations.