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Food and You: How to choose and (re)use your food – Team Montenegro

Did you know that over 300 million tons of food is thrown away each year? With that in mind, I decided to share tips on how to improve your food consumption habits, and also one quick recipe on how to use leftover bread.

Tree of Hope – Nepal

The Tree of Hope in the Kumaripati-Jawalakhel Street Festival. Learn more about it.

Green Thread – Nepal

Youthinkgreen Nepal uses the green thread as an ongoing project to spread the message of a sustainable development in hands on hands by the youth.

Green Platform Initiative – Nepal

The Green Platform Initiative tries to put Schoolclasses in dialog with youthinkgreeners, to discuss the pollution of water on Earth.

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle – Nepal

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle tries to make a cleaner environment through less use of resources. Learn more about it.

Carbon Footprint – Nepal

Cycling and walking instead of damaging the Environment! Reduce your carbon footprint in Nepal.

TrashArt – Italy

We used environmental education for children to teach separation of waste and to create art out of unused ressources

Vegetable Garden – Spain

An organic vegetable garden helped to make children in Kindergarten age aware of organic, seasonal and regional farming.

“Pedaling to plead for a green city” – Team Nepal

Cycle Rally on the occasion of World Environment Day 2014 for reducing the carbon footprint and increase the use of cycle among young generation.

green|bro – Serbia

green|bro opens a different approach to environmental issues – through arts. Especially children are good with that.

Summer School – Egypt

Our summer school should provide project management skills and engineering/scientific knowledge to it’s participants and leave them with a concrete idea for an energy project.

Energy from waste – Egypt

youthinkgreen Egypt tries to find a solution for two problems at once – reducing waste and using greener power by turning waste into a source of energy.

DIY: The Green Thread gets an update!

The Green Thread – youthingreen’ers symbol of not only thinking but acting green – also makes a great (friendship) bracelet! Learn how to do it yourself here.

No plastic-bags in Osnabrück – Osnabrück

We want our hometown Osnabrück to become plastic-free. We could win the Major of Osnabrück, Wolfang Griesert, as a patron of this huge project.

Tree of Hope – Kosovo

Name Tree of Hope in Kosovo Description On 5th of December 2013, that is the international Volunteer Day, we went to the city of our capital Pristhina to build an astonishing Tree of Hope. We were very careful to use only recycled materials for the Tree. Our event lasted the whole day and we could weiterlesen

The “Fog Catcher” Project – Peru

We build “Fog Catchers” as one solution for water scarcity in the outskirts of Lima. The water collected by the panels saves up to a hundred liters of water a day.

NZ’s Tree of Hope – New Zealand

The symbolic Tree of Hope, built on December 5, International Volunteers’ Day, was youthinkgreen NZ’s first big, public event.

Ten Tips for a Sustainable Lifestyle – New Zealand

Making a move to a more sustainable life is easy! To demonstrate, we regularly publish ten tips for you to implement in your daily lives.

Eco-Art Sculptures – New Zealand

A learning unit between Visual Arts and Sustainability – In a six-week program we teached first year students about sustainable issues and made them design sculptures out of recycled materials.

Green Classic Management – Bali

This is how I could establish composting the waste from “upakara” ceremonies in my local community.

Radio Broadcast – Osnabrück

Every two month we’re on air to raise awareness, share information and report about global happenings as well as about our local projects.

Take me! – Osnabrück

This Shopping-Guide shows how and where to consume sustainably in the city of Osnabrück.

Green Planet Festival – Osnabrück

The Green Planet Festival demonstrates impressively that a sustainable lifestyle isn’t condemned to be joyless and that celebrating isn’t condemned to be harmful to nature. By organising a climate-neutral band festival, we want to raise people’s attention for that fact.

Swap! – Osnabrück

“TauschRausch” is a party made for swapping clothes. You have a wardrobe full of nothing to wear? Swap fresh clothes at our parties or organize your own event!

Education for a sustainable future – Osnabrück

We think it’s important to even involve the youngest members of our society and so we developed and delivered a project-week for elementary students.