About Us. Going extraordinary ways:
empowering young people and giving them a voice!

youthinkgreen is an independent non-profit organisation, based in Berlin with a global outreach that promotes education for sustainability, environmental and social challenges. We implement a youth oriented, creative, motivating and long-term access to issues of sustainability and related issues such as climate protection, environmental consciousness and social responsibility among other relevant topics.

Together with young people from all over the world, we advocate global lifestyles that value diversity, intergenerational equity and access to opportunities that are in tune with the natural resources of our planet. We seek for solutions to answer the question: in what ways could we shape our lives together?

Sophia, 17, Youththinkgreen Osnabrück

youthinkgreen has opened my eyes to the most important issues of our time. With joy I take up my role as ambassador for my country.

Drin, 17 Youthinkgreen Kosova

youthinkgreen has shown me that we need to, as citizens of the world, value what the planet has given us. We have to work hard to repay  for this gift. It costs us nothing, but some maturity to understand this.

youthinkgreen serves as an international exchange and knowledge platform for interested and engaged young people and as an eye-opener about the possibilites to address sustainability challenges anywhere in the world.

Our mission is to empower the youth – together with partners and experts – enabling them to make their individual positive contribution in sustainable terms both locally and at a larger scale. Our work is based on the concept of “education for sustainable development”. The aim is to promote competencies like critical thinking, crafting future scenarios as well as knowledge, skills and values necessary to shape a sustainable future.

The youngsters are empowered and supported to shape both, their and their community’s future, by taking it into their own hands. They become aware of all aspects of sustainability such as causes and effects of climate change, and gain skills for a resource-efficient, responsible lifestyle. Their great engagement and commitment means that they are perceived as actors and climate-ambassadors with concrete proposals and solutions.

We are a motivator and catalyst for youth-oriented solutions of global environmental and social challenges. We support our youthinkgreen teams in the realization of their own socio-ecological projects, all with the same goal: local solutions to global challenges.
With our international programmes and meetings we give young people a successful and effective public voice. Our network consists out of youthinkgreen teams and individual agents in over 15 countries around the globe.

Together our motto is “Adress.Initiate.Act”

youthinkgreen is under the patronage of Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, the President of the European Parliament a.D. Dr. Hans-Gert Pöttering, as well as the General Secretary of the UNFCCC Christiana Figueres.

nachhaltigkeit-lernenIn 2013 youthinkgreen was recognised as an official project of the UN-Decade “Education for Sustainable Development” for the period 2013/2014.

„Education for Sustainable Development means education that enables people to foresee, face up to and solve the problems that threaten life on our planet. It also signifies education that disseminates the values and principles that are the basis of sustainable development (intergenerational equity, gender parity, social tolerance, poverty reduction, environmental protection and restoration, natural resource conservation, and just and peaceful societies). Lastly, it means education that highlights the complexity and interdependence of three spheres, the environment, society – broadly defined to include culture – and the economy.“

Reference: http://www.bne-portal.de/english/introducing-esd/