Youthinkgreen Open Day

On August 19th, 2012 the Federal Ministry for the Environment and Nature Conservation, (BMU) invited several youthinkgreen’ers to present their work during their Open Day at the Ministry and to get involved in a dialogue with the other visitors.

Yannick Klecker, Anne Sophie Risse, Anke-Britta Schmidt, Isabelle Tisson, Henning Tovar (all youthinkgreen’ers from Osnabrück, Germany) as well as the project initiator Helmut Spiering and project manager Kora Rösler (ret.) presented the work of youthinkgreen and the local projects from Bulgaria, Brazil, China, Egypt, Dissen (Germany) Essen (Germany), India, Italy, Namibia, Osnabrück (Germany), Peru and Turkey. They participated in a panel discussion and handed over the green thread to the visitors along with its message.

The feedback in regard to their activities let the youthinkgreen’ers return home with a stronger belief of the importance of their work, as well as new energy and passion:


I wish them a lot of support from the environmental and nature conversation organizations. This project is the best example for more future oriented initiatives of this kind. We need many empathic teachers who are involved with their heart and soul and have passion for environmental educational talks. A lot of success for the future!

Aoizide, France:

I really wish that all of us will be aware of how we can participate individually.

D. Piesterak:

A super great presentation, a nice counselling, the pupils have already accomplished fabulous work. I am hopping for cooperation in Berlin, right in the centre.

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