Screenplay Workshop -

 Media workshop on behalf of environment and climate

In the context of a media workshop, the younthinkgreen’ers took the example of the film genre ‘advertising spot’ to recognize strategies of advertising in order to acquire methods they could use to create their own content.

This screenplay workshop gives young people the opportunity to bring commercials into question and to implement their own demands in a creative way into advertising spots for sustainability. The well-known director and screenwriter, Thomas Frick, guided the youth through the different development phases,  and worked jointly with them to explore ways to move:

  • From ideas to emotions
  • From the idea to research
  • From the exposé to the treatment
  • From the script to the storyboard
  • From the shooting schedule to the realization
  • From the final production to the performance, to the sustainable evaluation

With a simple idea for a sustainability spot, the participants implemented and published – together with prominent artists – their creative (film) ideas about sustainability in everyday life. They acquired learning contents on the topic “Sustainability in Everyday life”, in order to point out problems of non-sustainable behaviour in everyday life that the audience could recognize. Through this process, the youthinkgreen’ers increased their knowledge in these topics and acquired skills for education on sustainable development (e.g. to motivate others, to engage oneself, to reflect on their own models and guiding principles).

The following sustainably advertising spots were already successfully implemented. Many more ideas, developed by the young participants, are still waiting to be realized. If interested, we are happy to share these storyboards, to jointly bring more inspiring ideas into catchy films!

Solar energy – that’s why!
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