Local socio-ecological projects

youthingreen’ers field work

youthinkgreen builds and accrues knowledge about issues related to sustainability while engaging youth in actions at their local communities. That’s why the hands-on projects – the field work, lie at the heart of our work.

The origin of these projects are the interests and local realities of our youthinkgreen teams. With the support of the Berlin office, local and international partners and supervisors in their home countries, the youth explore and develop projects around topics they would like to address through their personal engagement. They search for reference points, challenges and possible measures to tackle problems of their community or region. The youth groups try to organize their every day lives, their school and leisure activities  in more environmentally friendly and socially fair terms. Their action plans include objectives, target groups, a description of the context, next steps and activities to be developed – thus providing guidance about the time needed as well as how to divide the work.

The local youthinkgreen projects should draw attention to global and local sustainability-related issues, describe measures that could tackle these problems and inform and activate as many people as possible. During the project work, the youth engaged gain skills such as teamwork, public relations, fundraising among other skills that help them honing their leadership potential

Anna Büschemann – terre des hommes – about the local youthinkgreen projects during the 1st World Youth Sustainability Summit:

This morning the different teams presented their activities. I was speechless, as I believe adults had never managed this. I thought, this is what the world needs.

In the last two years our youthinkgreen teams developed more then 200 project ideas in their local communities. More then 50 of them where already realised. An impressive and steadily growing portfolio of practical, local projects highlights the diverse engagement of our youth and is the best testimonial for their creativity.

These projects have direct positive impacts and achieve immediate success in terms of social and ecological improvement and convince more and more people to live in harmony with nature.

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