Experiencing and shaping politics, slipping into the role of a Delegate –
Youngsters active at the COP18 in Doha, Quatar

Only eight minutes before the joint press conference of youthinkgreen and Germanwatch e.V. the news was spread that the German Federal Environment Minister Altmaier (ret.) would not make it to this press conference. The faces of the young people showed deep disappointment. But they did not resign. Together with Christoph Bals, policy director of Germanwatch e.V. they started their press conference on time. About fifteen minutes later, the door suddenly opens and Altmaier enters the conference room. Members of his cabinet as well as many media representative follow him. He just left a negotiation here at the 18th UN Climate Conference (COP 18) and comes rushing into this room.

Altmaier takes the free seat next to Judith. They hand him the leafs. Altmaier listens to the admonishing  words and demands of the climate ambassador Ahmed Hamaza, a 16 year-old from Cairo and Judith Gebbe, an 18 year-old from Osnabrück. The two are sitting next to him on the podium. They are confident and energetic. They handed to the Minister the green leafs that they have cut out of paper. On these leafs are the most important demands stated, that they have collected here in Quatar and in other countries. These leafs belong to the  „Baum der Hoffnung – Tree of Hope“, which the young people have created in Doha. There are hundreds of leafes.

The youth of youthinkgreen demand that

  • young people will be increasingly involved in the world climate conferences, since it is about them and their future.
  • all the German schools abroad, will be converted into environmental schools in the
     near future
  • the structure of the climate conference has to be changed radically in order to counteract the non-efficiency
  • the EU should take up its pioneering role in doing specific mitigation measures and represent its position radically

After the joint press conference the Federal Minister of Environment (ret.) wrote in the documentation diary of youthinkgreen: “Excellent work“.

Also were appreciated other activities such as  the story of two powerful symbols of 13 youthingreen teams from four continents, of international networking for climate protection and from local socio-ecological projects.

Learn more about the endless commitment of the youthinkgreen delegates in Doha. For more information about the project “Experiencing and shaping politics, slipping into the role of a delegate –Youngsters active at the COP18 in Doha, Qatar“ look here:

We want to express our deep gratitude particularly to the Federal Ministry of Environment, the Federal Environment Agency as well as to the Federal Foreign Office. They made it possible that a youthinkgreen delegation (from Bulgaria, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, India and Namibia) was able to travel to Doha and to gain first-hand experience on international decision making processes. Through this exchange, they also enabled the dialog about the willingness to address the perceptions of other countries and interconnect them to relevant climate issues of their respective national climate policy. Ultimately, the youth was able to take the perspective of a world citizen and to take up the role of multipliers.

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