The Environmental Workshop

– Students discover ways to sustainable development as a spirit and as a large, joint challenge 

In October 2011, 200 young people between 15 and 18 years old, started the new project “youthinkgreen – Climate Ambassadors and Actors of Sustainable Development”

The roots of this event, date back to 2008, when a teacher from Bad Iburg (Germany) with 30 years of experience in project management, Helmut Spiering, proposed a way to tap into the potential of youth to solve the world’s environmental projects.

Together with some dedicated pupils, Professor Spiering initiated jugend denkt um.welt in order to engage young people  in creative ways to protect the environment and address climate change. This first phase of this project was a huge success. Professor Spiering commented on this with enthusiasm and confidence: “A sparkle emerged, which has developed into a flame and hopefully will keep on growing for a long time in the heads.” (Frankfurter Rundschau, 2009)

The necessity of such a project was evident as news about climate related disasters and environmental degradation became more present in the media and attracted the attention of more people. Although the sources and tenure of information varies, which makes it challenging to deal with it, action is still needed to address the roots of the problems and bring about positive, sustainable change. Moreover, we should not wait for others to come with the answers, let’s start acting together, now!

With this project we gave and give young people the necessary tools at hand and provide them with a platform to become climate ambassadors and make their voice heard at the international scale.

Only together we can achieve something. The world belongs to all of us. Let’s get involved!

It’s about our future!

This pioneering project “jugend denkt um.welt – Climate Ambassadors and Actors of Sustainable Development” was the origin of the now international network of youth known as youthinkgreen, which comprises active youth teams in more then 20 countries, globally.

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