All we need is less?! 

What do we actually really need in order to live a “good life”? On a daily basis the advertising world puts into our minds that more is better: more consumption, more products and whenever possible, the newest model.

According to our youthinkgreen motto “let’s start with ourselves” we began our three-month experimental project “All we need is less?!”. From November 2013 to January 2014 Mr Fresh Flo – an unconventional student and musician from Cologne, together with the youthinkgreen’ers – wanted to find out, what we really need in our daily lives and what we can abstain from.

The primary objective of this experiment was to motivate us to think about our daily consumption habits and of course to find supporters for this. This experiment wanted to point out daily problems in terms of wastefulness use of resources and directly show alternative options for us.

Mr. Fresh Flo left his comfort zone for us, each time seven days long. His first attempt was “living without packaging”.Not so easy, as almost everything is wrapped and packed. Then he tried to live for seven days without electricity. This means no phone, no internet, no lights, etc.

How did he manage this, how did others react to this? All this is captured in two short videos (Video 1 / Video 2) and blog entries. So see for yourself!

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