Youth and Sustainability in Everyday Life – Challenge, Rethink and Revive Global Ways of living

„1st World Youth Sustainability Summit”

May, 10th-20th, 2013, Berlin

We are the future. That is why we should ask ourselves how we would like to live and create our future. Our current way of living is causing problems for future generations and we know, we have to rethink and change our habits. During the Summit, youth from all over the world brought different perspectives and ideas together which ended up in new resolutions.

The theme of the 1. World Youth Sustainability Summit “Youth and Sustainability in Everyday Life – Challenge, Rethink and Revive Global Ways of Living” poses a great challenge for all of us.

We are all encouraged to ask questions: How do I want to live tomorrow? What does our (your) future look like? In what ways are politics, economics and the civil society responsible for a humane life? Why is a will for a social, ecological secure future not listed in the catalogue of human rights?

More than 160 youth from over 30 countries worldwide,  developed, analysed and elaborated the theme throughout talks, as well as discussions and a variety of workshops. The international youth combined their inspirations, ideas and demands for a common future with responsibility in an action-oriented position paper, a foundation for shaping their everyday lives; and more than taking position throughout words, they are driving change through own sustainable actions and plans in their lifestyles.

And the conclusion? youth participants, guests as well as supporters and experts unanimously agreed that the Summit was a great success. Enthusiasm, get-up-and-go attitude everywhere, strong, exciting discussions and intensive satisfaction throughout youth from all over the world, were elements of this success.

“We didn´t expect such an outcome.” Also, the representative of Ms Figueres from the UNFCCC, Enrica Melandri, was speechless, profoundly touched and overwhelmed on the evening of the presentation by all the activities and creativeness of the youth: “a lot of people had tears of joy and sympathy in their eyes.”

Kiara Worth, from the UNCSD (South Africa) led the World-Youth-Parliament sensationally on the last day of the summit and worked out a declaration together with all the participants. It was an exemplarily and thoughtful work of applied democracy.

Read more about the first world-sustainability summit in the following documents and have a look at the short documentary:

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