National Youth Climate Week, April 5th-12th, 2012 in Worlfsburg –

Roads to a sustainable Development – Active youth for rethinkging

About 40 upcoming German youth climate ambassadors from Dissen, Essen and Osnabrück took part of the climate week. Together, with a lot of questions and high expectations, the youthinkgreeners had their first time experience as climate ambassadors.

The objective of this meeting was to prepare all German youthinkgreen-Teams for being ambassadors for climate and the environment, introduce the youngsters to each other, and prepare them to become the hosts of  the upcoming International Youth Climate Week in April 2012.

Through various lectures and workshops, the youthinkgreener´s had the opportunity to refresh and deepen their knowledge about global environmental problems. Another focus was on “sustainable mobility”, “sustainable consumption” and “how to use energy and resources in a good way.”


Here you can find the program (German), a short movie or a detailed Dokumentation (German) of the week.



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