We are youthinkgreen – jugend denkt um.welt!

We, the youth, are the future. But does society give us the right impulses for our journey through life? Where are our role models? The non-profit organisation youthinkgreen works with young people around the world who want to become active for social change! We – the youth – set our own project goals and content. The ambition to provoke positive impacts on the environment and society unites all of us.

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Working internationally with young people, for youthinkgreen it is essential and necessary to raise awareness for global perspectives and global interconnectedness. An integral part is to bring youth together under a space they can share. Through this atmosphere of trust and empowerment, young visionaries discuss their local and national projects with international peers. They exchange ideas and knowledge that help them crystalizing their hopes and solutions into tangible actions.

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We, young people from all over the world, have set ourselves the common task to give motivating, innovative and practical answers to global challenges, such as enviromental pollution, social injustice and over-consumption of natural resources. Through our diverse projects we are often led to the crucial question “How are we shaping our common future?“
Our slogan: “local solutions for global challenges“

Unifying, global symbols –
Bearers of our messages

Along the substantive work and the local projects, the youngsters and youthinkgreen create strong symbols for our cooperation. These symbols convey orientation and community spirit. Worldwide, we spread the „Green Thread“ and bring the „Tree of Hope“ to life.
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